Our Awards and Achievements
- 2012 Service of Photographic Arts
- 2007 Master of Photographic Arts
- 2005 Craftsman of Photographic Arts
- PPOC 2004 National Wedding Group for 'Topsy Turvey'
- SPPA 2004 Fuji Professional Masterpiece Award for 'Topsy Turvey'
- SPPA 2004 Animal Wild/Domestic Award for 'Lady in Waiting'
- SPPA 2003 Fuji Professional Masterpiece Award for 'Prairie Pastels'
- SPPA 2003 Nikon Digital Capture Award of Excellence in Electronic Imaging for 'Prairie Pastels'
- SPPA 2003 Electronic Imaging General Award for 'Prairie Pastels'
- SPPA 2001 Best of Show Award for 'Age of Innocence'
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